From today, May 6, 2017, after 29 years as the band’s frontman, GL Perotti is no longer the singer of EXTREMA.
In these past years, more than once, there have been frictions within the group with GL, often due to his excesses and attitude! We are sure someone will find this quite ironic, but when it’s enough, it’s enough; which has brought us to the point of announcing his definitive departure from EXTREMA, via this official statement.
The reason for this decision, which today is absolutely definitive, has been maturing for some time. This decision, had procrastinated due to the affection and friendship which we anyhow had for him. Affection and respect that today are definitely missing towards this person.
Unfortunately, over several months he has been showing an ever more aggressive shift towards the band and the rest of the world, often through his public posts on the Social channels that have nothing to do with the band’s activity. An unmanageable aggressive drift that unfortunately has worsened day by day for years now, without touching on the things we had to suffer in private.
Two months ago, Gianluca had already told us, in a confusing and blurred manner, that “MAYBE” he wants to leave the Band, however assuring us, Extrema, Promoters and Fans, to keep the commitments made regarding the fixed shows from here to November.
For years Gianluca has created a lot of image problems for this band, however, despite the excesses and attitude of his Frontman, EXTREMA has always endured, wanting to understand and defend him, even when it was indefensible.
Today it’s finally time to put the past behind us and look to the future!
Estimation, affection and any other positive adjective towards Gianluca and his story from today no longer count. For us he is a person who does not deserve respect because he has never had it much to the Band, fans or Promoters. The Band has always honored in professional manners every effort taken.
We have borne too much and for too long, now the measure is full.
On the upcoming dates GL will be temporarily replaced by ANewRage’s Singer Axel Capurro.
We are officially looking for a singer who is willing and motivated to enter such a stable organization as Extrema.

Extrema: Tommy, Francesco, Gabri.